Saturday, April 23, 2016



The world will have you believe that your number one priority should be a man. Love. Oh good ole fashion girl meets boy love. The word will have you believe that a man's love is the only thing you should ask for as a woman. The only thing you're worthy of. And should you ask for a successful career, financial security, happiness outside of any of you personal relationships, God bless your innocent, ambitious, and precious mind. May God bless you with armor strong enough to protect you  as you journey through a life of hallow point insults.

How dare you be the exact shape and size of a man's fantasy and tell him no.

How dare you be smart as hell and still walk, talk, laugh, smile, and look like sex. 

How dare you be sexy.

How dare you stand in your power. Demand your equal share of respect while believing in Chivalry. 

How dare you be a woman. 

How dare you create your own kingdom and rule as Queen. 

How dare you be more
than what the eye meets. 

How dare you possess  logical explanations for your complex emotions.

How dare you have emotions. You don't need a man remember.

How dare you stand on your own and constantly deny every frog a kiss.

How dare you be more than anyone's little princess.

How dare you make infatuation and lust feel like love. 

How dare you not love me

How dare you be beautiful. not because a man said you were but because you declared it so.

How dare you create such a beautiful life that supersedes the expectations of the world. And deny me entry

How dare you put a crack in the glass ceiling.

How dare you be female and influential.

How dare you produce such passionate and inspiring admiration in men who can do nothing for you but compliment and appreciate your essence.

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