Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Date The Alpha Female

Dating has never been a easy game to play. With today's technology the game of dating requires skill and strategy. Especially if you're dating the alpha female.

There are a ton of different definitions about who and what the alpha female is. I personally consider the alpha female someone who is extremely independent, bold, feisty, charming, majestic in manner, courageous, and let's not forget independent.
She's the girl that never takes no for an answer. She's constantly working hard to make her dreams come true. She takes the biggest leaps of faith and ALWAYS lands on her feet. She's a real life superhero.

From my experience it seems like guys are lost when it comes to dating girls like myself. Soooo because I'm just so nice and considerate I've put together a list of tips to help you out. Here's 5 tips on How to Date The Alpha Female.

1) Acknowledged her alpha tendencies but don't over-do it. There's something annoying and a bit offensive about a guy who constantly comments on how strong or independent you are as a woman. She know that she is strong and she's happy that you can recognize her strength but don't make the conversation about my ability to take care of myself. Being both female and alpha isn't as foreign as some people think it is.

2) Check your ego at the door. Just because she likes to have control of her life doesn't mean she wants to control yours. No she may not NEED anything from you but that doesn't mean she doesn't want anything either. Ask her what it is she wants from you and give that to her. Don't try to assert your dominance or manly-ness on to her. Be confident in the role you play in her life.

3) Know when to take control. The art of courtship is completely nonexistent in today's world. Instead of going back and forth in her DM's ask to take her on a date. (Netflix and chill doesn't count). Don't hit her with the "Oh what you tryna do?" there's so many things wrong with that question including grammar. Set up the time and date and take her out. Grab coffee, go to dinner  (or make her dinner), visit the museum, or even go for a walk in the park. 

4) Follow through. Believe it or not getting her to say yes to a date is the easy part. Following through seems to be a challenge for some of you. If you made a promise to see a movie at 7p.m. on Friday, don't text her Thursday at 9p.m. asking for a rain check only to text her at 11p.m on Friday asking her to come thru. I see what you're trying to do and I'm not here for it. 

5) Stay on your toes! The same things you did to get her should be the same things you do to keep her. Don't get comfortable and start slacking. Remember this isn't the kind of girl who doesn't know her worth and she's definitely not afraid to go solo. So get your act together. You can either be Jay-Z or Lyndell.
         Oh who's Lyndell? Exactly. 

Although she may be very strong and intimidating to some, she's not a villain. She isn't catty or selfish. She doesn't use her talents to take advantage of the people around her. She isn't mean and snooty. Her heart isn't a black hole filled with arrogance. There's no reason to be scared of her. If you are blessed enough to have an alpha female in your life please don't take her for granted.