Tuesday, February 2, 2016

5 Cheap Date Ideas For V'day

Valentines Day is approaching!! Some of you may be in your feelings about it but I'm not. I love Vday. I love all the decorations and endless chocolate sales. I love that no one can judge you for being 100% girly and corny. And I love that unexpected knock at my door with a bear and candies waiting on the other side (Hint, Hint).

I like to think that guys want a valentine just as much as girls. It's literally a win/win situation.
We get to go out, we buy each other gifts, we get to hold hands and kiss, I get to dress up, you get to see me all dressed up and depending on the type of relationship you might get you some. #Goals right?!

Well if your single like me (this is one of my favorite things to say) you have exactly 12 days to go and find you a boo thang. And if your bank account is anything like mine (one of my least favorite things to say) I'm sure you would rather not go bankrupt for the sake of candy coated chocolate hearts. So here's a few cheap date ideas for this Valentine's Day.

1. Netfix&Chill. This is only acceptable if you have the popcorn and drinks ready the moment I arrive. I want all the name brand candies, and ice in my cup. You better find a way to download all the new movies and HDMI that bitch on the TV screen.

2. Dinner**.  I personally am absolutely fine with ordering pizza. I don't have a problem going half either. But it's Papa Johns or Dominoes nothing less. It needs to have bacon on it. I need white wine in my wine glass. And you better be able to provide witty and intellectual conversation.

**Candles will be expected

3. Picnic at the park. Some of ya'll are blessed and highly favored and live in states that don't produce snow. If so, a cute little picnic is always a great idea. Get you and your boo a $5 foot-long and some snacks and go get your life.

4. Game night. Board games. Xbox. Heads Up. Kings Cup. The possibilities are endless. Teach me how to play 2k (and don't cheat). Once again snacks need to be involved.

5. Stay home. If any of the date ideas mentioned above are still too much for you then stay yo ass home and ask God to help you become a better person. If you don't have the money to properly court someone then you don't need to be worried about a date this valentine's day. Go pick up some extra shifts. You're time may be coming but it's not this year. If you don't have the energy or effort in your heart to properly court someone then you need to stay yo ass home too. We are too grown for ya'll to keep thinking that  the high school mindset is still acceptable. Don't be all on social media reposting lonely ass memes, don't post unnecessary single quotes on facebook and twitter. I do not want you see your 105 second story on snapchat of you listening to MJB and Adele. Stay home and pray.

I hope that this post was helpful to someone. If there is anyone out there who's looking for a Valentine... I'm available.

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