Sunday, November 22, 2015

Favorite Songs to Sing

I grew up in a house full of moving bodies and loud noises. Aside from art and daydreaming, music was always the primary escape route. With my headphones in and volume high, I would disappear into my own world. Suddenly my worries would turn into heartfelt lyrics and intoxicating melodies over powerful beats. I could see things when I heard the music. Images would flash in my mind as I created my very own world. Even today at 22 years old, I still do a whole lot of daydreaming and my entire existence is fueled by art. But when the world gets too loud for me, and my worries start to become overwhelming all I have to do is put my headphones in and turn up the volume.

There's way to many songs in the world to just pick one so here's an ongoing playlist of my favorite songs to sing. Spotify-Favorite Songs in the world

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