Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lessons & Regrets: 2014

2014 has been quite a year for me. I turned 21, I moved into my first apartment, I tossed rocks in the pool of love ( and Girl I need to work on my aim), I started my blog, I was featured in my school magazine, I started a campus fashion magazine, I guess I've been up to a lot. Looking back I can say that I'm happy with the progress I've made. Although I never give myself the credit I deserve because I never feel like I'm doing enough. I'm not working hard enough, I'm not being grateful enough, I'm not doing enough. Overall I never feel like my work,  my efforts, or simply just me, is ever enough. I do not know why I'm like this. It drives me crazy.

Aside from all of my.. "accomplishments", I am proud to say that through this very tough/rewarding year I have learned some valuble lessons like:

1. Patience. Still haven't grasped this technique but it gets a little easier each day.

2. Being at peace. I learned how to silence myself and listen to what God is telling me.

3. Trust. Trusting myself. Knowing that I am smart, strong, and brave enough to figure it out.

4. Love. Is unconditional and ever-lasting. More selfless than selfish.

5. Timing. Everything has it's season and some people leave an impressoin on you, some people take a piece of you. Sometimes it's both.

6. Friends and Lovers. They don't mix. Mixing the two can make a mess of things.

There are times when things are all broken and nothing makes sense and you've cried your heart out and you've finsihed your  last bottle of wine and you think "Was it worth it". And I've been at this place many times. And in the moment I tell myself  "No". But those moments are nothing more than moments. There will be more alike and unlike those moments. But there will always be another moment. And you just have to keep moving foward and embrace all the good and bad. These are the things that make life so special. So as for my regrets. I have none.

I look forward to seeing what 2015 is all about. Happy New Year!

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