Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil

One of my dearest childhood friends reached out to me over the weekend and asked if I would do an interview with her. Of course I agreed and it was super fun reconnecting with her. Most people know her as Susie but those closest to her younger days know her as Nia. I remember the first day I met Nia. It was my first day at Ferndale Middle School and I was super nervous (it'd had been the 3rd school I transfered to that year!) but because I have always managed to polish myself up and never let em see me sweat, I just played it cool. Maybe too cool. In Fact, when I was introduced to Nia I was so concered with making a good impression I immediately went into overly-bubbly-crazy-happy girl lol. Her face was  P R I C E L E S S. I swear she wanted to say "Who's this crazy bitch". I thought
 I blew it. Fast forward  almost 8 years later and she is still the sweetest piece of chocolate ever. I love her so much, and of all the friends I had to leave time and time again, she was one of the few to actually stick. So when she asked me to do the interview I was 100% ready and honored to be her debut feature. Check out the interview below.

Susie: Do you plan to target just females or do you eventually plan to venture into males or children clothing as well?

Kera: I think at this point I'm just focused on women. That's what feels most natural and freeing as a designer. I've always been interested in menswear though. And I love mixing masculinity with femininity, but I don't know, boys are boring (laughs). I'm not here for them the girls need me (laughs)

S: When did you begin to get into fashion?

K: I think I fell completely in love with fashion and decided to design when I was about 14, 15. I had just moved back to NYC with my mom. There was just so much culture around me. Going back at that age was imperative. I don't think NYC would have been what it was if I had gone back sooner or later.

To read more click here  http://susiesugar.wix.com/colors#!single-post/c1sp5/439688D1-8561-48C2-8510-98D5D1E25370

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