Tuesday, August 5, 2014

***Flawless Remix Beyonce ft Nicki Minaj

So. Mrs. Carter has done it again. Apparently Beyonce got her life from witnessing the way the internet reacted when she sneaked attacked us by releasing her 5th studio album 'BEYONCE' and decided that it was time for an encore.

Midnight on sunday, August 3, 2014 Nicki Minaj tweeted a link to the ***flawless remix. Now at first glance I thought Miss Onika took it upon herself to give us a cute verse over the original song. But girl, was I wrong! Not only did nicki give us a REAL rap verse laced with sass and metaphors and 5 star bitch qualities... BUT BEYONCE ALSO GAVE US NEW VERSES! TWO BITCH! 

Were you expecting that?! Because I was not! I did not get a fair warning. There wasn't a siren. No one sent me a letter detailing what I was about to be dragged into! 

Beyonce, ma'am... Who do you think you are?! Like I know you know exactly what you are doing and I am done! I'm still trying to recover from the way you ended my year back in December. How dare you! Of course some shit goes down when it's a billion dollars on the elevator?!   Well girl 98% of Americans including myself would not know that. Because we are broke bitches. We don't know billionaire problems. Beyonce. Stop. I had to work the next morning. You are so rude and disrespectful! 

As for you Nicki Minaj, please keep this little trend you got going. I don't want to see you on anymore red carpets dressed for blue Ivy's birthday party. Do not bring anymore lace fronts with the baby hair on tour. Stop contouring your nose for thursday night's drag show. All you need is a mic because at the end of the day you're talented.

A lot of people love this record, a lot of people don't. I personally love it. No it's not a #1 single, and no it won't be getting a video. It's a cute song and it keeps the girls talking. At this point in her career, Beyonce can play around, have fun,and experiment because she's worked hard enough to earn a permanent spot in music. Number one singles are no longer her concern. 

As for you other singing girls... Take out a pen and a sheet of paper. You have a lot to learn.

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