Sunday, February 8, 2015

Single Ladies Vday

Single Ladies Vday

All my single ladies! Put your hands up!
Yes it is that time of year again, the love birds are chirping and everyone is texting you, asking if you could pick up their shift on Valentine's Day because you're single. But no no no, not this time. Valentine's Day is about sharing your love and just because you don't have a BF doesn't mean you don't have love to share! Take yourself out for a drink...or 4. Go see a movie or a play. Buy yourself that cute bear and some chocolate... Or a diamond ring if you bossy like that. And even if you decide to stay in you can take a nice hot bath, pour some wine, paint your nails, and have some girl talk with Mariah, Whitney, Mary, Faith, Rih, and of course captian of the squad Mrs. Carter. Being single isn't a sin. Its not some rare condition that will end fatally. Nothing is wrong with you for being single. And the next time someone asks "why are you single" reply "because I choose to be"

I have a lot of experience in this department because I am an active member of the single ladies club. I like being single because I get to do whatever the fuck I want to. I get to imagine and plan for my life in the most extreme ways without worrying about if so so is okay with it. I'm not obligated to pick up anybody's call or respond to anyone's text. I can go on as many dates as I want, with whoever I want. I am single because I choose to be. This is what works for me. And if anyone has a problem with it they can find someone who gives a fuck because I don't :)

**I have no clue what I'm doing this Valentine's Day but hopefully I can buy those shoes! I need them!!**

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