Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Walkin' On Sunshine

I'm walking on sunshine! The days are growing short and the sun is hiding from me :(
That means I'm going to be all up in my feelings soon and I'm going to have to force myself out of bed. Around this time I start to feel extremely anxious and withdrawn. Fall/winter are my hibernation/planning seasons. I really try and focus on where I want to be in the next few years and  most of the time I let seasonal depression get the best of me.

I won't put much effort into myself, but this time around will be different. Every time I feel anxious, sad, tired, misplaced, and insecure I will call up my alter egos and give Kera a break.

This Look was inspired by all of the self-doubt you feel when you want to try something new. Fur? def out of my comfort zone. High-rise shorts may be out of your comfort zone. You might be afraid to wear bright pink lipstick. but do it! Shake it off and just do it. Give the boring you a break and get a little crazy  :)

Walkin' On Sunshine

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