Friday, September 5, 2014

10 Reasons to Love Beyonce

Happy Birthday Beyonce!

On Thursday, September 4, 2014, stans, fans, and admirers of the Queen Bey took to the internet to show an overwhelming amount of birthday love, landing the world wide trending topic #HappyBirthdayBeyonce at number 1!

As we all know, the birth of Mrs. Carter is looked to as an unofficial holiday for many, and as an active and imperative member of the Beyhive, I would like to take this moment to list a few reasons why, Me, Myself, and I,  love and respect Beyonce as one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

1. She's Beyonce. We all should be grateful that God allowed us to live during the Beyonce era.
2. Single Ladies.  I've never felt more celebrated, rather than pitied(as if being a single female is a grave misfortune), for being a single lady.
3. The uh-oh dance. Instant go to move right before you bust out the twerk kick.
4. The evolution of her lacefronts. From the 'Writings on The Wall' to the 'Beyonce' album, her edges continue to slay.
5.The Entire B'day Album.  Deja Vu. Get Me Bodied. Sugar Mama. Upgrade U. Ring The Alarm. Kitty Kat. Freakum Dress. Green Light. Irreplaceable. Resentment. and for the way 'Listen' came out of nowhere at the end of the album(took me months to discover it).
6. Every Concert Costume.  I can't. Who am I? Not Beyonce.
7. RTW Performance for the Oprah Special. Even Oprah doubted her reason for breathing in that moment.
8. Blue Ivy.  All I want is for Blue Ivy to tell me "Good job"
9. Bow Down. Every time I heaar this song, I. Fucking. live.
10. December 13, 2013. Literally nothing was the same.

I would and I could, go on forever about why I love Beyonce, but unfortunately I am not Beyonce  and I don't collect my coin by being flawless. So I have to get ready for work....

P.S. RIP Joan Rivers.

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