Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"I'm not bossy. I am the boss".

-So a team of A-list celebrities like Beyonce, Jane Lynch, and Jennifer Garner have joined together to encourage young girls to take the lead and discourage the use of the word "bossy". Studies show that girls were less likely to take leadership positions because of the fear of being called "bossy". 

A lot of women have been discriminated against because of their assertive attitudes in corporate America, especially if they were in a position of authority. I love  the fact that these strong intelligent women are coming together in the name of feminism to shed light on the sexism that exists in society. 

It is expected for boys and men a to become powerful leaders  but we frown at the sight of a powerful female individual. We criticize her for being too cold and demanding, labeling her as a "bitch" or "bossy". Instead of enabling a society that degrades women and encourages inequality in the work field, we should teach girls that they not only have power and brilliant ideas as well, but the right to express it. We are not just designed to be mothers and wives but we are also capable of being president and CEOs of a million dollar corporation. Let's #BanBossy and teach our daughters that they too can be pioneers for a better America.

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