Friday, June 6, 2014

As The Story Goes: The Side Chick


I'm awake. My eyes pry open as the bright ray of sunlight peaks in from my window. I can hear the chirping of the birds and the loud lifting and crunching sound of the garbage truck. As I take a deep breath of fresh air seasoned with the smell of freshly cut grass, it hits me. Today is the day. Today is the day I do something that will change me for the rest of my life. My face warms up and my stomach turns as I anticipate 2pm. I pull back my white linen sheets and drag myself out of bed. My feet hits the cold hardwood floors as I begin to stand. I look under my bed to see if my slippers are there. They're not.

 I take a quick glance around my room in search for them and to no surprise they are no where in sight. Forced to walk around barefoot, I tiptoe to the bathroom to pee. It's amazing how I've managed to keep everything the exact same in here since high school. Blue and white shower curtains with matching bath rugs. I was a blue and white kind of girl back in high school. Who knows what kind of girl I am now. So much has changed in the past 2 years while managing to remain the same. As I reach for a white hand towels to dry my hands, I catch my reflection in the mirror. I barely recognize myself as I throw my brown curly hair, still wet from last night's shower, into a bun.  I've been wearing my hair down a lot lately to hid the scars. The last thing I need is a bunch of questions from my mom. She makes everything worst.

Trying to stay as calm as possible I begin my normal morning routine. I've been using this homemade skin creme I saw on Youtube. It's suppose to make your skin softer and brighter while getting rid of dark circles and imperfections. I don't have any real problems with my dark circles or 'imperfections'. Honestly, I just like the way it smells and I didn't want to spend seven dollars at the drug store on facial cleanser. My face tingles as I smooth an even layer over my high cheekbones. The smell of vanilla and honey sends signals to my brain making my stomach growl. Can you eat before getting an Abortion?


30 more minutes and I'm out of this hell hole. 2:30 can't come fast enough. ugh I don't think I've ever hated a job like I hated this one. I hate everything from the ugly yellow and blue uniform to the stupid beeping sound  you hear when someone walks in the front door. I look over to my left and I see a young black girl heading over my way. She has one arm full of diapers as she holds a pretty baby girl in the other. She looks tired and over worked. As she moves closer to my register she yells towards the back of the store
 " Micheal get up here now before I leave yo ass in this store!".
There's another one? Two kids. The little boy about 4 years old run towards his mommy with joy in his eyes. With excitement he screams
" Iron Man for my birthday!"
She rolls her eyes as she places the pack of diapers on the counter. She squats down to his level adjusting the baby on her lap. She mumbles something to him and takes the toy out of the kid's hand and places it on the floor. The little boy face quickly is overcome by disappointment. Poor kid. He'll get over it. He probably won't even remember this by tomorrow. The young girl heads over to my register and places the pack of diapers down in front of me. I smile and say hey as I begin to ring her out. She gives me a blank stare. I
 smile politely and say "$18.50".
Confused as if I just said something to her in a different language she replies "What?".
" You're total is $18.50."
I really don't have the time or the patiences for this right now. I hope this bitch just pays and leaves so I can clock out.
 "The sign said they were on sale for $11.99. That's why I got em" she says with an attitude. " Scan em again! Hurry up I got somewhere to be".
Here we fucking go. Another reason why I hate this job and this city. I just want to clock out and go home. I close my eyes and take a deep breath trying not to lose my job for the next 20 minutes.  Her total pops up on the screen.
" Wow what a surprise. You're total is $18.50" I inform her.
 She rolls her eyes and adjust her baby on her hip grabbing her son's hand and storms out of the the front door. Great. I guess I'll just put these back since she doesn't have the decency to do it herself. I reach for the Iron Man action figure off of the floor as I head down Asile 3  to put the pack of diapers back on its shelf. There's a huge mess of toys in the middle of the Asile. Fucking kid. As I kneel down and stuff the toys back on the shelf  I hear the annoying beeping of the front door. This day is dragging along.
"I'll be with you in a second!" I scream to the front of the store.
As I begin to stand I lift my head up and my eyes meet a carmel colored handsome face with big brown eyes and nice full lips. I love his face and when I see him I feel calm and happy and excited and nervous all at the same time.
"Hey babe, you're early I'm here for another 15 minutes" I smile and lean in for a kiss.
He pushes me away with an erie look on his face.
 " I've been calling and texting you. Get your things we have to go now" He says softly but stern.
I don't like the way this feels. Something is wrong. He looks sick and scared.
 "Eli what's wrong? where are we going? I'm working." My stomach starts to turn and I feel like the universe is shifting.
I proceed to ask him again and he blurts out " Its your dad. He... There was an accident"


All of days, today is the day her dad decides to die. I mean I know that's pretty harsh and a tad bit selfish. But today is not a good day for someone to die. I swear my life is ruled by Murphy's Law. I hate hospitals. So depressing. Everyone looks dead and sad and hopeless. Nothing good ever comes from the hospital. Well except for babies, but that's a whole other separate wing. And even those cute little babies grow up to be annoying whiney toddlers who turn into cock sucking teenagers who eventually die as useless crack whores. The circle of fucking life. Where is the service around here anyways? Why is there no where to sit. Aren't we suppose to get a special room or something? I hate this side of town. So run down. The tiles on the floor aren't even white anymore. They look like a mix of grey and beige. The overhead light won't stop flickering and shit. There's a mix of crying babies, shuffling paper work, the speaker calling out patient names, the non-stop sirens pulling in and out of the parking lot and the 3 diffrent TVs playing 3 different programs.

This shit is annoying. Where the fuck is  Alison? I've called and texted her over a million times. I saw the bitch read my messages too. Finally a seat opens up. I look over to the left and I see Nic's older brother Naven. He walks over my way head hung and hands stuffed in his khaki pant pockets. His long sleeve button up is tucked in and cuffed slightly above his wrist. And he's wearing a fucking fedora. Who comes to a hospital in a fedora? As soon as he takes the seat next to me my body is overcome with the smug smell of cigarettes and beer. Typical Naven. For a few minutes there's just an awkward silence between us. I guess I should probably ask him if he's okay. Like be all concerned and shit, but honestly I don't feel like being sad. This isn't suppose to be a sad day for me. He takes a long deep breath and throws his head back. Fine. I guess I'll ask.
"How are you?"
He takes a few seconds before responding eye glued to the ceiling.
"Did you tell anyone about last night?" he asks in a monotone voice.
Is he serious? Is this what he's concerned about right now? Trying to hold my composure I whisper very firmly "What the fuck are you talking about? Last night?! Last night is irrelevant! Forever and always! That's not even what I was referring to. Your Stepdad just died you shit"
Eyes still glued to the ceiling he takes another deep breath. But this time its a nice slow breath of relief. Fucking clown.
"I can't find my ring. It must be at your place somewhere" He mumbles.

Whispering very loudly I ask "What ring Naven I don't have any ring" .
I'm beyond annoyed and I want to go home. Where the fuck is Nic. Why hasn't she come out yet? I can't deal with this shit. Still laid back in the chair, Naven cuts his eye at me very sharply and says

"My Wedding ring"

-To be continued...

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